Chris Murray – The Subjective Landscape


In this presentation Chris will draw a distinction between two schools of thought in landscape photography today, what he calls objective and subjective landscapes. He will discuss the defining qualities of each and how they differ in both approach and intent. He will also discuss ways that we can access and develop our own vision in order to make more subjective, personally expressive images. Time will also be spent on the question of meaning in our photos and the rewards of pursuing subjective images.


Chris Murray is a fine-art nature photographer, instructor, and writer working in the landscape of his native New York State. His work has appeared in several magazines including On Landscape, Popular Photography, Shutterbug, Adirondack Life, Life in the Finger Lakes, and New York State Conservationist, among others. His landscape stock imagery is represented by Aurora Photos and Danita Delimont Stock Photography. He is also a staff instructor with the Adirondack Photography Institute.

Chris’ interest in photographing landscapes is derived mainly from his love of the natural world, the same love that led him to choose geology as his first profession. In photography he strives to make images that are a reflection of his sensibilities and how he sees the world. His goal is not to document literal appearances, but rather make photos that are a creative expression of his emotional response inspired by a subject.

Chris Murray resides in Syracuse, NY. You can find him online at

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