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Focus stacking is a process where the photographer takes a series of photographs (slices), with each one focused at a different depth in the field of view. This series is then analyzed as a group using software that finds the sharpest parts in each slice and blends them together into one image with more depth-of-field that can be achieved in a single image. While stacking is most often used in macro and close-up photography, it does have a place in landscape photography as it can provide depth-of-field results that previously required the use of swings and tilts with a view camera.

In this webinar, I will provide a brief description of stacking using Photoshop, Zerene Stacker, and Helicon focus, along with why I chose Helicon Focus. I will then talk about the problems that can arise during the stacking process and show examples. I will also cover which problems can be fixed and show examples of how that fix works.

About the Presenter

Mark Seaver is a self-taught nature photographer, whose love of nature began as a child roaming the wilds of western Nebraska. As an adult, that love was translated into photography starting with his first SLR in 1980. 26 years of shooting slides formed one of his habits, maximum use of the frame, and a strong dislike of cropping, although he admits that there are some subjects that don’t fit a 35 mm frame well. He has Ph. D in Chemical Physics and his nearly 40 years of experience working for the US Navy as an Optical Physicist informs a number of things that he does in photography including macro looks at water drops and icicles. He has led a modest number of two-day photography workshops and is looking forward to sharing what he knows with others.

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