Tom Nevesely

Tom Nevesely Portrait


Calgary, AB, CANADA


15 – 30 minutes daily on most weekdays. I’m usually out and about on the weekends and work full time during the week.

Type of Mentoring Provided

I can help with everything from image composition and exposure in the field to post-processing back at the computer. I don’t believe an image must be entirely made “in camera” or over-the-top image manipulation like sky replacements. I like to navigate the ‘in between’ to create expressive yet natural-looking images.


Though I was born in the Czech Republic, I’ve spent most of my life living in Calgary, Canada, just east of my beloved Rocky Mountains, where I spend most of my time shooting and exploring. I first picked up a camera, the Canon Rebel G (a film SLR camera), in the fall of 1999 and have been shooting seriously for the past 20 years. I’m primarily self-taught, and I enjoy constantly learning. I work as an Electronics Technologist in my day job, so I get to work with electronic circuitry and computers a lot. I’ve even built a few ‘gadgets’ to help with my photography, such as a motorized camera slider for timelapse photography, a custom intervalometer and most recently, a lightning trigger to help me capture stunning images of thunderstorms!


I specialize in landscapes – both the grand and the not-so-grand, as well as abstracts. I try to find beauty in the ordinary rather than create ordinary photographs of beautiful things and places.

Technical Expertise

Aside from conventional photography, I still like to use filters for many of my images. ND grad filters are not used much nowadays (due to the rising popularity of exposure blending), but if you’re curious about them and have any questions, I can help. I know there are a thousand different ways to edit photographs on the computer, but if you want to know how I do things, let me know.

Processing Software Used

I use Adobe Lightroom Classic for organizing my images and some initial edits, but most of my post-processing is done in Photoshop. For printing, I go back into Lightroom.

Camera System