Welcome to the Nature Photographers Network™. NPN is intended to serve as a resource for nature photographers of all skill levels, from beginner to professional. Our focus is on the art and technique of nature, wildlife, and landscape photography.

Today NPN is run by David Kingham along with his partner Jennifer Renwick. David took over the site in 2018 with a vision to reignite the spirit of NPN. David was a member for many years, it helped his growth in photography, and he met many of his friends through the forums. David was distraught seeing the community of NPN slipping away and felt it was time to reinvent the site.

Although David now owns NPN he recognizes the site is not his, it is here for the community. Without the amazing contributors and members, NPN would be nothing. David did not take over to promote himself, he genuinely wants to foster the community of nature photographers.

Jim Erhardt

History of NPN

NPN was founded in 2000 by Jim Erhardt. Jim had the incredible vision to develop a community for nature photographers. The original site is still accessible as an archive at naturephotographers.net

Defining NPN

What NPN is:

  • Dedicated entirely to the art and technique of nature photography
  • A close-knit community where people respect each other as if they are communicating face-to-face
  • A place where if you are willing to invest your time in helping others, they will invest their time helping you
  • Forums and galleries that are free of any advertising for members
  • An elegant display of nature photography accessible to anyone who visits
  • G-rated content so you can always feel safe bringing your young, aspiring nature photographer along for a visit

What NPN is not:

  • A site where individuals are denigrated because of their opinions or beliefs
  • A site where people post their political, religious and lifestyle opinions
  • A site that you usually leave feeling insulted, disgusted or depressed
  • A site that celebrates novelty instead of creativity, and instant gratification instead of long-term growth
  • A site where your photos never look as good posted as to when you prepped them in your photo editing software due to aggressive JPG compression
  • A site where your photos will get lots of views but little to no useful feedback
  • A site where your “Like” or “Follow” stats are the ultimate measure of your photographic mastery
  • A site that generates revenue “targeting” advertising at you
  • A site that exists for the sole reason of making the owners/investors profit