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Autumn Snowstorm, Yosemite National Park, California 2015
William Neill

Thinking in Themes

Bill shares his thoughts on improving your photography portfolio by organizing into themes, by finding what you are passionate about to show off your vision.

Chris Murray

Connecting With Our Audience

Chris discusses why having an audience with whom to communicate and share our work, our ideas and emotions, is an integral part of the creative process.

Dan Ballard Photo Example
Dan Ballard

Shooting, Fast and Slow: Two Modes of Thought

Dan examines how photography can be both slow and calculated and also fast and unthinking. Or how some of his best images took 30 minutes to compose while others happened in a matter of seconds.

Eric Bennett

Creating A Diverse Portfolio

Eric shares ways to diversify your portfolio and not get stuck in one style of photography.

Npn Article Image04
Keith Bauer

Including the Environment – Context Matters

When I first took an interest in photographing wildlife, and specifically birds, the mental model of the shot I wanted to capture was modeled after the images I’d see in bird ID books. That meant great detail in the plumage, nice view of the important identification parts of the specific species, and of course, frame-filling.

Seasons On The Edge (4 Of 10)
Ed McGuirk

Seasons on the Edge

Ed shows us how the edges of seasons are his favorite and can help you add depth to your portfolio.

Herringbone Hills
Guy Tal

The Introvert Game

Guy dives into the world of introverted nature photographers. What makes us different, and how we can learn to understand each other.

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