Bonnie L


Northern California, US


15 to 30 minutes daily on an irregular schedule (still have a day job).

Type of Mentoring Provided

I can help you with NPN navigation, exposure choice in the field to get the look you want, composition (and all that entails – arranging elements in the frame, eliminating distractions, light and color choices, etc.), processing to convey your intent, printing (to a limited extent).


I’m a semi-retired hydrogeologist from far northern California, where I’ve lived all my life. I took up photography about a decade ago and have worked at improving it ever since. I’ve taken many online courses (first to learn the basics, then to learn to be more expressive) and have benefited from advice from more experienced photographers, both online and in person.


Small scenes and abstracts are what I am attracted to in my personal work. The larger landscape scene plays a lesser role, as my natural tendency is to focus on details, but I’m reasonably conversant with grand landscape concepts. My photographic “philosophy” is to wander with a camera to see what the world offers instead of planning specific photo shoots.

Technical Expertise

Basic landscape photography stuff. I don’t have expertise in focus or exposure stacking for macro work or avian/wildlife photography.

Processing Software Used

Adobe Camera Raw, Adobe Bridge, Lightroom (to a lesser degree), Photoshop.

Camera System

Sony (primary), Nikon (secondary)