Kris Smith


North central Wisconsin, US


Let’s set up a schedule of sessions with specific topics for discussion. Open to using the Live Chat feature on NPN, phone calls, or Zoom for one-on-one screen sharing and discussion. For site navigation and help, ping me on Chat and I’ll answer ASAP if I’m on.

Type of Mentoring Provided

Don’t reinvent the wheel! Whether you’re new or have decades of experience, I’m open to questions and conversations on just about anything – field technique, finding great local spots, gear, camera handling, naturalist and documentary projects, photo organization, editing and blogging.


Photography has been in my life since the mid-1980s starting with my first 35mm cameras. While I did receive formal training in film photography and printing, I am primarily self-taught and, since moving to digital in 2009, have devoted more time to the craft. Curiosity about the natural world drives most of what I do. Nature is endlessly fascinating and surprising, and I strive to tell the Story of the Place. Click the Portfolio link to see my work, including macro and focus stacking, small scenes, grand landscapes, birds and wildlife. Rural abandonment is another love, and I spent a lot of time shooting old cemeteries in New England. After living most of my life in southern New Hampshire, I am now in northern Wisconsin. I have been a member of the NPN community since 2020 and am currently a Moderator/Editor in the Flora category.


Woodlands (love a great trail shot!) Streams and rivers including long exposure Winter photography, especially minimalism Mushrooms and other very small things

Technical Expertise

Shooting from a kayak Camera set up & customization Focus bracketing & stacking for macro Post-processing workflow

Processing Software Used

Lr | Ps | Zerene | Topaz Sharpen & Denoise | TK8 Plugin for Ps

Camera System

Lumix G9 M4/3 system