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Livermore, CA (Northern CA, Bay Area)


Flexible, mutually agreeable times. Typically weekday evenings, weekends when available. Happy to get on a virtual room call in order to demo, share screens, etc. Video camera optional of course! Pacific timezone.

Type of Mentoring Provided

I’m happy to provide mentoring in the following areas: – General photography concepts, composition, learning to “see.” – Image Processing in Photoshop, ACR and Bridge. I also can speak to other software such as Topaz DeNoise AI, Helicon Focus and the use of TK8 tools panel (Tony Kuyper, luminosity masking, etc.) Sorry, I don’t use Lightroom! (I should learn, maybe…) – Helping members navigate NPN and encouraging them to engage with the community, learn the art of critique, and participate by commenting on fellow members’ images. – Speak to other areas of photography, such as selling your work, entering contests, gallery showing, stock, building a website, etc. I have enjoyed for many years as part of my day job teaching and mentoring my peers. I love helping others learn new skills and overcome obstacles to learning those skills, and I get great satisfaction in teaching and helping others.


I consider myself a Jack of All Trades… and Master of… well, you know the saying. I’ve had a camera in hand or nearby going on 50 years. I have always had a passion for the great outdoors, and photography always seemed to be a great way to get me there and keep me going back. Most of my adult life has been spent in the Bay Area of Northern California. In fact, I live less than 25 miles from where I was born. Married with one son who lives nearby, my wife and I enjoy spending time with our two beautiful grandchildren. I just celebrated 40 years at the same IT company and look forward to retiring soon, where I can spend more time with family and out in nature creating photographs that make me happy.


General nature and landscape photography have been at the core of my photography, particularly emphasizing “intimate nature portraits.” These are simply the smaller scenes found within the larger landscape. Grand landscapes are often beautiful and dramatic, but I get more satisfaction from the finer, more “unseen” details of the intimate landscape. I spent 25 years photographing with a 4×5 large format camera and color slide film. Eventually, this gave way to the DSLR in 2015. In recent years I’ve developed a great interest and enjoyment with the ICM, Intentional Camera Movement and nature abstracts. I’ve always had a strong connection with composition, and I’ve felt that learning to “see,” visualize compositions, and recognizing photographic potential has been something I pride myself in. It’s taken many years, but I have long since realized and appreciated the “art” of processing images once they’ve been captured. While I don’t consider myself an expert in image processing, I have accumulated many techniques over the years. I am confident in making my images “the best they can be.” I say this in quotes because I learned this from friend and fellow photographer Tony Kuyper. I’ll leave you with another of his quotes: “… let the image take you where IT wants to go….”

Technical Expertise

– General photography basics (camera operation, exposure, aperture, “equivalent exposure,” depth of field, etc.) – General Photoshop image processing including Adobe Camera Raw, more advanced techniques with luminosity masking, etc. – General usage of the Tony Kuyper, “TK8” action panel, luminosity masks and other tools and actions.

Processing Software Used

– Adobe Photoshop CC, ACR/Adobe Camera Raw and Bridge. – Helicon Focus – Topaz DeNoise AI – Tony Kuyper’s, TK8 Action Panel and Luminosity Masks I am not using Adobe LR/Lightroom! Sorry!

Camera System

Nikon DSLR’s D800E, D7100, Nikon & Tamron lenses. 25yrs with 4×5 Large format film.