Mark Seaver


Maryland and Montana, US


Random times and amounts, discussed on request.

Type of Mentoring Provided

I am a generalist, so please ask about what you’d like. I’ll gladly help if I think I can and willing to help at any level. I can offer advice on composition and image processing.


I divide time between the Maryland suburbs of Washington DC (2/3 year) and a second home a half hour north of Yellowstone National Park (1/3 year). Since suburbia offers limited large landscape possibilities, I mainly focus on small and macro scenes. In contrast, in MT, Yellowstone and its surroundings offer a great variety of subjects ranging from large landscapes to wildlife. I am retired after a 40-year career in Optical Physics. My knowledge of optics and various optical phenomena has led me to photograph a number of unusual natural subjects.


I will photograph just about anything, from life-size macro to wildlife, with specialties being macro, small scenes, ice and abstracts (without ICM). I spent 25 years shooting slide film, with the result being that I put a lot of effort into filling the frame and only cropping on occasion. I do my raw processing in Lightroom and make final local adjustments in Photoshop.

Technical Expertise

Processing Software Used

Lightroom and Photoshop

Camera System