Self Portrait


Northwest Washington, US


My availability can be flexible. With advance planning, I’m usually available any day of the week or time of day.

Type of Mentoring Provided

I enjoy helping new photographers learn and develop their skills and helping more advanced photographers improve their “vision” and techniques. I can be available for phone or video conversations or in-person discussions if you are reasonably local to me, potentially including planned photo outings.


I’m native to the pacific northwest, born and raised in Oregon, then moved to the greater Seattle metro area. A few years ago, I retired and moved to Camano Island. Now I spend much of my time in North Cascades National Park, the coastal areas of Puget Sound and the Skagit River delta area. I got my first camera in the early 70s but didn’t get serious about photography until about 15 years ago. I enjoy helping photographers learn and improve their skills. Photo shoots with other photographers are one of my favorite photography activities.


Most of my photography is related to my passion for hiking and backpacking, and I look for subjects and scenes while exploring nature and photographing what connects with me. Most of my recent work has been of intimate scenes found in forests and coastal areas. Since moving close to the Skagit River delta area, I’ve been drawn to avian/bird photography. Portrait and macro photography of flowers and other flora have also been an important interest.

Technical Expertise

Processing Software Used

Lightroom, Photoshop, TK Luminosity Panels, Topaz Sharpen and Denoise

Camera System

Nikon D850 system