In 2017 Alister Benn had an epiphany, not surprisingly it was in a desert, the Gobi Desert. With nothing but sand for thousands of square miles and being days from the nearest road, there was a realization that there were no classic compositions in view. Everything before him was sand; textures, layers, transitions. It was in that moment that he realized that everything before him was just luminosity and contrast, but instead of a restriction, it brought about a freedom that has sustained him ever since.

In this webinar, Alister will introduce the concepts using black and white images, many of which were taken in the Gobi Desert.


Alister Benn was born and raised in Scotland and coming from an outdoor family grew up with a profound interest and respect for the natural world and the environments around him. Since 2011, Alister has developed a series of learning courses in landscape photography and his work has been awarded in some of the most prestigious photography competitions. He also writes regular articles in Landscape Photography Magazine and on landscape Magazine and has a solid reputation as both a technician photographer and a deep thinker.
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