Presentation Description

Light, subject selection, and composition are three of the most important elements of creating impactful photographs of nature, with the photographer having the most control over composition. In this session, Sarah will share her essential lessons about how to create more powerful compositions of both grand landscapes and nature’s small scenes. The session will include a discussion about the creative process as it relates to composition, improving your observational skills to help recognize opportunities in the field, learning to see a landscape through its abstract elements, and key concepts for organizing nature’s chaos into cohesive compositions. Sarah will also share her steps for refining a composition in the field and will provide some practical activities to help you immediately apply these ideas in your photography.

About the Presenter

Sarah Marino is a full-time nature photographer, photography educator, and writer who splits her time between a home base in rural southwestern Colorado and nomadic traveling in an Airstream trailer. Sarah’s portfolio features a diverse range of subjects including grand landscapes, intimate landscapes, abstract renditions of nature, and creative portraits of plants and trees.  Sarah’s teaching, through speaking and in-person workshops, ebooks, and video tutorials, focuses on personal expression, seeing opportunities in any landscape, photographing nature’s small scenes, and a slow style of photography focused on exploration and connecting with nature.

Sarah Marino

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Live July 23rd at 2:00 PM Eastern Time
(6:00 PM GMT/UTC)