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Rahul Sachdev 1

Me Through My Images

What I photograph and how I photograph reflect a lot about who I am in real life, that much I am sure of. I can’t say this for everyone, but for me the easiest way to be creative about photography has been to look at it as a medium to express myself.

Valley Sentiel

The Power of Personal Projects

For me the key word is “project.” Projects are highly flexible, allow me to stretch my wings, and make me a better photographer. I prefer to drive to all the destinations I go to for photography. I have two long-term personal projects that I work on whenever I am on the road. The subject matter for each project — rocks and trees, and derelict buildings — is generally found serendipitously.


The Vision Approach to Photography

Cole Thompson discusses his vision approach to photography, using examples from his various photographic series over the years.

Peripheral Landscapes Murray Livingston

Peripheral Landscapes

Perception is not limited to just the visual sense, but rather it is a way of interacting with the world around us. Murray Livingston suggests that engaging a perceptive agency that is out-of-sight requires surrendering ourselves to a conversation with nature and being open to what lies beyond our horizons. He explores the concept of periphery in photography, which refers to the edges or margins of a photograph; this is important because it forces the viewer to imagine what lies beyond the frame and can become an ethical question of what the photographer reveals or conceals.

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The Ramifications of AI on Photography

This excerpt is about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its impact on photography. AI systems are designed to examine millions of images to generate new images based on keywords and text prompts. There are many ways that photographers are using AI, such as generating AI images and sharing them on social media, taking their own photographs and uploading them as inspiration for the AI system to make changes, or using AI as a conceptual starting place for a sequence of images based on a theme. The article also touches on the copyright implications of AI-generated images, as there is still uncertainty surrounding whether or not AI-generated images meet the standard for copyright.


On Discipline

Francesco reflects on what it means to have discipline, the importance of structure, and how it all correlates to photographic practices.


The Joys of Starting Something New

After years of photographing wildlife on land, and learning more about conservation and storytelling through photography, Ashleigh Scully decided to try her hand at underwater photography. Though it came with a multitude of challenges – unexpected and otherwise – she found joy in starting something new, venturing down a new path with her work.

Ian Plant 7

Your Subject is Not Your Subject

Good photography is a process of making an effective photograph that is often counterintuitive. To excel at photography, one must learn to see the world the way the camera sees it, use limitations as artistic opportunities, and include other visual elements that work together with the subject to engage the viewer with the story being told.

688 118 Oak Leaf Rock Creek Canyon


Hank discusses the importance of simplicity in photography, paired with the differences between the way the camera captures a scene versus how the human eye perceives that same scene. He emphasizes that the power of photography lies in its ability to express feeling and perception, rather than serving solely as a document of a moment in time. He notes that it is the artist’s job to clearly communicate their intended message through their photograph, rather than leaving it up to the viewer to search for the meaning.

Yellowstone River

A Reason for the Photograph to Exist

Spencer Cox of Photography Life discusses reasons for photographs to exist, including the cost of a photograph and how to best unify a message for your art.

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