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Agon Wastes

The Power of the Intimate Composition

In today’s race for “epic” landscape imagery, the grand scenic dominates. Sweeping, wide-angle, near-far compositions built on aggressive leading lines and capped by colorful skies are almost certain to attract attention and take social media by storm. Antithetical to these grand compositions are the intimates that have seen a recent resurgence. In this article Alex explains how intimate compositions are the tinder with which the fire of imagination can be sparked.

Moss Abstract

Moving Beyond Icons

Matt Payne explores his journey of photographing icons to becoming a more creative nature photographer.


Leave it Better than You Found it

Phill discusses the growing problems our public lands face and how we can do our part by leaving it better than we found it.

Landscape 1st

Editors Picks 2018

Our favorite images posted on NPN from the past year. We made three picks from all the categories: Avian, Flora, Human & Fauna, Landscape, Macro, Non-Nature, Photo Art, and Wildlife.

Music From Dark Spaces IX

Finding Your Muse

Alister Benn discusses the barriers we develop as adults with expectations and rules that stifle our muse. He gives advice on how to break down those barriers to let your muse free and create meaningful images.


The Mindful Photographer

Guy Tal gives insight on how to be more mindful in your photography by being open to seeing what’s around you and not having preconceived ideas. “You can’t compose a photograph from things you don’t even know exist.”

Liquid Aurora

Keep it Fresh

Colleen shares her experiences photographing Acadia National Park on multiple occasions and how she keeps a fresh view of a location she has visited many times.

Sarah Marino Zion Oak Leaves Ice 1200px Watermark1

Slow Down and Wander Around

Soon after the new NPN site launched, Youssef Ismail posted a discussion topic about “slow photography” and an interesting discussion ensued. I found myself agreeing with many of the points and practices shared by others in the thread, primarily because

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