Contemplative Landscape Photography by David Johnston

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Presentation Description

There’s a natural progression in photography. First, you learn how to use the camera, then there is a strong desire to produce a similar style to the ones you appreciate, but what about after that? In this session, David Johnston will discuss the personal exploration of style as it relates to the in-field experience. It will include a lengthy discussion about using a technique called mindfulness in the field to notice more of your surroundings that can lead to photographic storytelling with a stronger sense of place.

About the Presenter

David Johnston is a full-time landscape photographer and educator based in Tennessee. While David does enjoy traveling around the world to experience new locations and cultures, he also enjoys scouting new locations near his home. Along with teaching photography, David is also the host of the podcast, The Landscape Photography Show. Along with his podcast, David also shares his photography adventures on his YouTube channel.

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Live October 1st at 2:00 PM Eastern Time
(6:00 PM GMT/UTC)

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