Slow Photography by Jennifer Renwick

Presentation Description Jennifer will share and discuss what slow photography is and how practicing slow photography has helped her create more impactful and fulfilling nature photography. She will share her insights using examples from her journeys through the landscape and discuss how to create more meaningful imagery that connects with the viewer. She will introduce …

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Enhancing Mood

Eric talks about the benefits of adding mood to your images and the different ways to get there with light, color, vignettes, and removing context.

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Contemplative Landscape Photography by David Johnston

Presentation Description There’s a natural progression in photography. First, you learn how to use the camera, then there is a strong desire to produce a similar style to the ones you appreciate, but what about after that? In this session, David Johnston will discuss the personal exploration of style as it relates to the in-field experience. …

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Lost in a Fog

Ed explains why he loves photographing in the fog and how it adds mood and mystery to your photographs

Dark moody forest scene with green trees and darkness


Why do we photograph? It’s a simple enough question. There are a variety of reasons. Most landscape photographers will tell you that it’s in order to be outdoors and enjoy the natural world. I’ve never felt comfortable with that answer. Closer to the truth are artists who will tell you they cannot not do what …

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