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Focus Stacking by Mark Seaver

Mark will dive into focus stacking showing us options in Photoshop, Zerene Stacker, and Helicon Focus.


Slow Photography by Jennifer Renwick

Presentation Description Jennifer will share and discuss what slow photography is and how practicing slow photography has helped her create more impactful and fulfilling nature photography. She will share her insights using examples from her journeys through the landscape and

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Contemplative Landscape Photography by David Johnston

Presentation Description There’s a natural progression in photography. First, you learn how to use the camera, then there is a strong desire to produce a similar style to the ones you appreciate, but what about after that? In this session, David

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Brenda Tharp – Expressive Nature Photography

Presentation Description Brenda believes that great photography is a marriage of craft and vision – that you can’t have one without the other. Yet to have an image to ‘craft’ you must have vision first. This webinar will discuss both

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John Barclay – Dream – Believe – Create

Why Dream – Believe – Create? There was a time when I felt I could not create. My self-talk was, I am not a creative person, I’m not smart enough, I can’t do this. After seeing images projected at the

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Alister Benn – It’s all about Luminosity & Contrast

In 2017 Alister Benn had an epiphany, not surprisingly it was in a desert, the Gobi Desert. With nothing but sand for thousands of square miles and being days from the nearest road, there was a realization that there were


Chris Murray – The Subjective Landscape

In this presentation Chris will draw a distinction between two schools of thought in landscape photography today, what he calls objective and subjective landscapes. He will discuss the defining qualities of each and how they differ in both approach and

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