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Dreamlike Nightscapes — Exploring Reality and Beyond

In this article, I’d like to dive into what composite photography is, since we are seeing it more often, with very few photographers being transparent or honest about using compositing techniques in their work. There is nothing wrong with composites. I truly believe it is not less work or effort, nor easier than “traditional” photography. What is wrong is lying or denying you’re doing it.

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Capturing Wildlife Photos with a Tilt-Shift Effect

The photos I was capturing were certainly different, but I have learned over the years that different just to be different doesn’t mean a photo is good. I was sharing some of the photos that I was happy with, though I knew I wasn’t quite there yet. The entire process of learning and using this lens was such a great reminder to give things time and patience, not give up, and continue to push to learn how to use the gear for great photography.

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Why Every Landscape Photographer Should Go Backpacking

On the surface, backpacking seems terrible. It’s incredibly hard work, often uncomfortable, cold, and exhausting. And yet, trip after trip, I go back for more, because backpacking has brought me more moments of pure joy and beauty than any other activity. Here are my top five reasons why, plus some tips to help you have a successful first time out if you’re new to backpacking.

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Infrared – The Surreal Landscape

Tony Sweet discusses the joys of photographing landscapes in the infrared color spectrum, as well as how to get started.

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The Changing Face of Macro Photography

The photographic world at present is in a continual state of flux. New products, devices and accessories appear almost daily. Technology is moving so quickly it’s sometimes hard to keep abreast. The future of photography as a business is challenging, but also exciting. Macro photography in the past may have been seen as a specialist field with limited interest, but that’s no longer the case, it’s come a long way, and its popularity has grown immensely in recent years and continues to do so.

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Making the Impossible, Possible

Hans Strand speaks on his experience making the impossible, possible, through the combination of flying and photography.

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Photographing Hummingbirds

Keith Bauer provides tips and techniques for photographing the “little marvels” known as hummingbirds.


What Are Hue On About

Understanding color is a life-long journey. In this article, Tim Parkin discusses hue and how it may be used to better color photographs.

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