35 KB NPN Hummers

Photographing Hummingbirds

Keith Bauer provides tips and techniques for photographing the “little marvels” known as hummingbirds.


What Are Hue On About

Understanding color is a life-long journey. In this article, Tim Parkin discusses hue and how it may be used to better color photographs.

Kents Place

Great Photographs – They Happen When You Happen

A homage by Bruce Hucko to those moments when a thought, a person, or some other bolt of outside inspiration gets us out of our funk, off our butts, and moving to make something marvelous happen.


The Perils of Pressure

Eric speaks on the negative aspects of pressure and how they affect our creativity and practices as nature photographers.

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Research is Knowledge; Knowledge is Power

Talor speaks on the importance of researching not just the logistical tasks but the arguably more important environmental aspects of a location.

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Is Nature Photography Considered Art?

Matt brings to light his personal feelings regarding whether nature photography is considered art, an age-old debate which, ultimately, has no one answer.