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Enhancing Mood

Eric talks about the benefits of adding mood to your images and the different ways to get there with light, color, vignettes, and removing context.


Lost in a Fog

Ed explains why he loves photographing in the fog and how it adds mood and mystery to your photographs

Sarah Marino DV Twilight Dunes 1200px Watermark 1 1024x683

RULES: An Enemy of Personal Expression

Sarah explains why rules are a barrier to your personal expression and why you should ignore much of the advice you receive when it comes to your photography.

Dark moody forest scene with green trees and darkness


Why do we photograph? It’s a simple enough question. There are a variety of reasons. Most landscape photographers will tell you that it’s in order to be outdoors and enjoy the natural world. I’ve never felt comfortable with that answer. Closer to the truth are artists who will tell you they cannot not do what

Moose0120ys73 Short

Seeing the World in Black and White

In January I spent two weeks in Yellowstone. At the time I was feeling inspired… almost fired up! This was my first winter visit to Yellowstone trip since I created what is now my most well-known photo, and I found myself wanting to see what fresh, creative avenues I could explore in that vein that might produce other

Autumn Snowstorm, Yosemite National Park, California 2015

Thinking in Themes

Bill shares his thoughts on improving your photography portfolio by organizing into themes, by finding what you are passionate about to show off your vision.


Connecting With Our Audience

Chris discusses why having an audience with whom to communicate and share our work, our ideas and emotions, is an integral part of the creative process.

Dan Ballard Photo Example

Shooting, Fast and Slow: Two Modes of Thought

Dan examines how photography can be both slow and calculated and also fast and unthinking. Or how some of his best images took 30 minutes to compose while others happened in a matter of seconds.


Creating A Diverse Portfolio

Eric shares ways to diversify your portfolio and not get stuck in one style of photography.

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