Nature Photography Articles

Herringbone Hills

The Introvert Game

Guy dives into the world of introverted nature photographers. What makes us different, and how we can learn to understand each other.

Oscure Presenze

Photographing Your Dark Side

Antonio explores the human psyche to express his dark side through his hauntingly beautiful photography.

DSC 7936

Seeing Beneath the Surface

Alister discusses the negative impacts of photographing with expectations and how we can change our mindset to see beyond things and ourselves.


Turning Down The Volume

Eric discusses a more quiet approach to photography rather than the usual approach on social media of yelling to get attention with bold images.

AgainstAllOdds 5005601 Edit

Are Your Landscape Compositions Lacking? Try This

Learn how to tell a story using composition. Use visual weight to balance the characters in your image. Communicate the depth of of the 3d world in a 2d medium.


Working through Creative Slumps

Gary Randall describes his struggles with creative slumps and how to work your way through them when you hit this inevitable roadblock as an artist.

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