01 Kimmerle TreesAndTetons GrandTetonNationalPark 2

The Road Less Expected

Whether working in an iconic and popular location, or in fly-over country, Chuck Kimmerle declares it best to trust your instincts and be true to yourself.


Ghost in the Shell

Rachael Talibart discusses her photographic series of the little dramas revealed by the shells near the ocean, her primary inspiration.

15 Wa

Finding Gods In Nature

Nobuyuki Kobayashi speaks on the importance of finding harmony with nature, both in the photographing as well as the technical side of the craft.

10 Leaf With Frost

Elements of a Successful Photographic Project

Tillman Crane speaks on what he believes to be the strongest elements of a successful photographic project, using examples from his own personal work.

The Way Home

A Photograph’s Message, If Any

Holger Mischke discusses what message a photograph has within it, if any at all, and how he comes to such conclusions.

DavidRathbone 1

The Secret Life of a Picture Framer

David Rathbone talks about the anxieties of exhibiting your work in a gallery for the first time, along with running a framing business.

Swalton Image3

The Value of a Mental Image Library

Scott Walton discusses the importance of having a mental image library, and how it helps him to create more purposeful imagery.

Mountain Lady's Slipper Duo (Cypripedium Montanum)

A Sense of Place

David Cobb speaks on the idea of creating a sense of place through photographing more locally.