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Gary Randall

Working through Creative Slumps

Gary Randall describes his struggles with creative slumps and how to work your way through them when you hit this inevitable roadblock as an artist.

Guy Tal

Take Your Bearings

“To chart a course, one must have a direction. In reality, the eye is no better than the philosophy behind it.” ~Berenice Abbott As a child, I loved everything wild and natural. Animals, landscapes, trees, flowers, seashores, deserts, mountains—the more removed from the artificial world of humanity, the better. I spent much of my time

IMG 6114 Final 13x19
Alain Briot

Esquisses and Raw files

Alain shares his views on the art of post-processing in the digital darkroom and how it compares to musical scores.

Agon Wastes
Alex Noriega

The Power of the Intimate Composition

In today’s race for “epic” landscape imagery, the grand scenic dominates. Sweeping, wide-angle, near-far compositions built on aggressive leading lines and capped by colorful skies are almost certain to attract attention and take social media by storm. Antithetical to these grand compositions are the intimates that have seen a recent resurgence. In this article Alex explains how intimate compositions are the tinder with which the fire of imagination can be sparked.

Moss Abstract
Matt Payne

Moving Beyond Icons

Matt Payne explores his journey of photographing icons to becoming a more creative nature photographer.

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