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Photo 014 Clustered Bonnet Mycena Inclinata RST098762

The Changing Face of Macro Photography

The photographic world at present is in a continual state of flux. New products, devices and accessories appear almost daily. Technology is moving so quickly it’s sometimes hard to keep abreast. The future of photography as a business is challenging, but also exciting. Macro photography in the past may have been seen as a specialist field with limited interest, but that’s no longer the case, it’s come a long way, and its popularity has grown immensely in recent years and continues to do so.


The Joys of Starting Something New

After years of photographing wildlife on land, and learning more about conservation and storytelling through photography, Ashleigh Scully decided to try her hand at underwater photography. Though it came with a multitude of challenges – unexpected and otherwise – she found joy in starting something new, venturing down a new path with her work.

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The Road Less Expected

Whether working in an iconic and popular location, or in fly-over country, Chuck Kimmerle declares it best to trust your instincts and be true to yourself.

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Finding Gods In Nature

Nobuyuki Kobayashi speaks on the importance of finding harmony with nature, both in the photographing as well as the technical side of the craft.

Mountain Lady's Slipper Duo (Cypripedium Montanum)

A Sense of Place

David Cobb speaks on the idea of creating a sense of place through photographing more locally.


Look Again

Eric discusses the fruits of close observation and an open mind in this new article, inspired by a local aspen grove.


What Are Hue On About

Understanding color is a life-long journey. In this article, Tim Parkin discusses hue and how it may be used to better color photographs.


The Perils of Pressure

Eric speaks on the negative aspects of pressure and how they affect our creativity and practices as nature photographers.